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Where to Move and Live

Who are we, and how can we help?

BuyersUSA Relocation, LLC, is owner of ihomes-usa and has been helping people relocate since 1991. We know that making the best decision depends on knowing more about different communities. You are most likely interested in factors like schools, shopping, recreation, entertainment, jobs, churches, hosptitals and more. This site gives you a start in evaluating the attractiveness of your future home.

You can find lots of information on our city pages such as school data, demographics, school information, where the airports are, hospital facts and more. We also have pictures of the area and sometimes videos to give you a taste of what your new home will be like.

Additional Help!

In addition to the facts and information presented on this site, you may wish to learn more. If you are planning to relocate and purchase a home upon arrival, you may want to receive the assistance of our trained relocation counselors. They will provide you with a better insight on their city and the surrounding area. They are experts at helping you find just the right neighborhood and home for your desired lifestyle.

Finding a place to live is only one part of your decision making. While your home is a very big part of your lifestyle, so are the available entertainment, recreation, hospitals, churches, and other consideration.

If you do request information through our form (found on the city page of your choice), you’ll be contacted by an experienced agent who can help you plan your home purchase. Whether it is buying a distressed piece of property (either a foreclosure or individual sale) or buying a new home, he or she will give you the advice you need to make an informed decision. Request our Free Home Buyer’s Relocation package today!

Should I rent or buy? And if I buy, what’s the best deal?

If you do not have sell your current home in order to buy a home in your new city, you may decide that buying a home will be the least disruptive choice. You’ll only have to move once – and you’ll be able to start making friends and settling into your neighborhood immediately. Have homes reached rock bottom yet? It’s difficult to say. But what we do know right now is that mortgage rates are extremely low – what will they be in a year?

Real Estate Blogs

Daily Relocation Tip

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timeversusprice New Construction. There is no doubt about it, in some areas of the country there has been massive overbuilding. This has caused over supply and difficulty for sellers in mega subdivisions to compete with new homes when they try to sell within just a few years.

If you are wanting to resell within a few years, my advice is to avoid buying a new home in a mega subdivision UNLESS you are able to find a really good deal from a builder who is having to unload homes due to financial woes. Your Realtor® may be able to help you determine which builders might be more open to negotiate.

Look for older homes you can renovate with new flooring and countertops instead.

If you absolutely want a new home, try to find a home that will allow you to easily customize yourself (landscaping, decorating, etc) so that when the time comes for you to sell, your home will stand out from the others. Forgo fancy upgrades in favor of raw square footage.

obtaining FHA financing).

Where to Move and Live
We help relocating home buyers moving to over 5,000 US cities.

We provide up-to-date information on new home listings, foreclosures, townhomes and condos, vacation homes, and more!
Our Relocation Counselors know their local areas and how to make your move as smooth as possible. They have access to many homes that are not listed in Multiple Listing Services and with individual home builders. They provide you with a fantastic Home Buyer Relocation Package that is customized to your needs and keep contact with you regularly until you have settled into your new home.

"The service I have received has been exceptional! Tracy has gone above and beyond to meet my needs." -- K.T.

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Where to Move and Live

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